The Vortext is the blog of Alexandra Moss, a native New Yorker now wandering the planet. She posts her photos on flickr, mostly because she likes to tag things. That’s also why she shares her bookmarks at del.icio.us and keeps track of all the books she’s read and movies she’s watched on all consuming. She’s only slightly obsessive about things like that.

Alexandra has worked for Nightline, Schmap, Let’s Go, and Dissent Magazine, along with other companies without websites (crazy, she knows). Her writing has appeared in City Weekend, The Asian Review of Books, The Boston Phoenix, Book Magazine, Young Money, The Harvard Crimson, and The Harvard Book Review. She has also edited the Let’s Go travel guide to Spain and Portugal and written a guide to Hangzhou, a city southwest of Shanghai.

She can be contacted at: ali at thevortext dot com. Her professional portfolio is located at: alexandramoss.net.