Famous in Hangzhou

Two weekends ago I was invited back down to Hangzhou to schmooze the press at a launch ceremony for the book I wrote about the city. It was pretty fun to sit up on the dais and half-understand all the things the (probable) party members and higher-ups in the Tourism Commission and city government were saying about me and the book. I gave a short speech and read from the book (the section on my visit to the three temples at Tianzhu) in front of a crowd of forty some-odd reporters, and even a crew from Hangzhou Television. Apparently, in addition to being on the nightly news, I’ve also been featured on at least one website, in an article which seems to be a write-up of the press conference and descriptions of the book. If anyone wants to translate, drop me a summary in the comments!

Posted by on August 5th, 2006


dan said

August 14, 2006 @ 2:50 pm

Hey ali
I really enjoy reading your website. I actually have a question that I’d rather just contact you directly and since the contact button isn’t working (or maybe I’m too dumb to find a correct one?) I was wondering if you would mind if you could send me your email. Don’t worry, its a legit question and not a crazed “please date me/do language study with me/perform this favor” for me type emails. Lemme know!

Ali said

August 14, 2006 @ 8:03 pm

Hey Dan,

It’s not just you…I’ve never gotten around to making that link go anywhere useful. But go ahead and drop me an email at editor@thevortext.com. Glad you like my blog :).


Wang Cuilei said

August 17, 2006 @ 5:02 pm

Hi, I’m a magazine editor in Beijing. Our magazine is one of the best English-learning magazine in China. I’m intersted in your blog. Recently we are doing an artcile on blog, so I want to interview you on your opinion on blogs. Can you accept the interview? Face to face interview is OK, if you are in Beijing. And telephone interview is also available.Just a few minutes, I won’t waste your time.
My phone number is 88819827, and email address is wangcuilei@fltrp.com
You can directed contact with me.
Thank you very much and wait for your reply!


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