More street food in Hangzhou

On my last day here the weather finally warmed up a bit again, and I decided to go for a long walk around the part of the city I’ve enjoyed most: the streets around historic Hefang Lu. This time, I encountered still more interesting food for sale, both for immediate consumption and for taking home. This included a lane of street vendors twenty booths or so long on either side selling exclusively food that had been dried, particularly seafood, fruit, and funguses. The smell wasn’t great, but the intrigue-factor was so compelling I strolled up and down three or four times looking for the most unusual items (and the coolest-looking). I also found a number of the dessert pastries for which Hangzhou is famous and which I hadn’t really discovered before. I didn’t try any of them, because that’s not the sort of thing I tend to like, but I did get photos of both “happy pairs” and “wu hill pastries,” as well as of some strange gloopy balls, likely made of dough, that came out of bamboo steamers to wiggle around on platters and show off their strangely colored coatings–I think the pink ones must be the most popular: I saw three or four people buying them straight out of the steamer, but couldn’t find even one sitting out with the other pre-made ones for sale. Oh well. I think these pictures should suffice.

Posted by on December 12th, 2005

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