The friend formerly known as M.

As you’ve probably noticed, when I mention the people with whom I interact in actual life in this virtual representation of it, I refer to them by initials only. I figure that I wouldn’t want to stumble across a mention of my name linked up with weird things I’ve said or done on someone else’s blog without knowing about it first, and I don’t particularly feel like getting permission from my friends to write about them. Sure, I’m not going to post pictures of them if I haven’t mentioned that possibility with them, but pseudonymic initials seem pretty harmless. Some, however, have asked for more–in particular, M., who would prefer I call him by his full name, Matthew Pereira, in order to further inflate his web presence and the Google ranking of his blog. I don’t know that I’ll oblige: it seems silly to use his surname all the time, and I might just resort to using “Matt,” but I figured at least I should explain why I’m expanding his identity from a mere M. At least it frees up the letter for someone else!

Posted by on November 11th, 2005

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